martes, 4 de octubre de 2016

My opininon about "Why learning English?"

In my opinion, I think that English is very important because it's the language of bussines, and I think that it is very spoken because it's so easy in my opinion.

-Per example, much verbs doesn't need conjugation:

I can
You can
He/She/It Can

-And in Spanish is like:
Yo puedo
Tu puedes
Él/Ella puede

I think that it's great to learn a lot of foreign languages and, when you travel, you will not need to use any dictionaries or have help from other people.

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  2. Good, Ernesto. But remember to use capital letters for languages!

    You should also revise MUCH, MANY, A LOT...

  3. Ernesto, have you created the tags to organise yur blog? I cannot find them.