miércoles, 22 de junio de 2016

My mindset


The brain is a great muscle! You can train it (yeah, gym) because it has neuroplasticity.
The brain is so important, but another thing is important too: the mindset.
Mindset is what determines our actitude, our way of acting and more more things.
But the question is: WHAT IS MY MINDSET?
Okay, there are two types of mindset:
Growth and fixed, these are so different, because:


I will divide my mindset in 4 parts.

-Do I give up when I fail?
Only sometimes, but whenever I give up, I try to do that once again first.
-I like that the people say me "Smart"?
Yes(who not?)But I prefer that they say that I worked hard.
-My abilities determines everything?
No! no all things are my abilities, but if I handwork I can do all I want.

>In my opinion this is a good project, because with this, I can solve so much problems in my life.

The very best of me

The very best of me 


When I was a baby, I was calm and I stay all nights awake, and I used to play with my toys all the day. I had very very short and blonde hair, brown eyes and I was plump. I didn’t like feeding bottle and I didn’t cry. In this period, I lived I Torremolinos. As a baby, at night, when I wanted to sleep, some shadows in my bedroom scared me, that’s why I think that I used to din’t sleep. 


In this photo, I was eating my first Ice Cream, and that was my reaction about it! 


When I was a toddler, I was intelligent, good, calm and polite. I was a little bit plump and I had short and blonde hair and brown eyes. I used to “fix computers” as you can see in the photo. I started to like technology. My favourites food was bread and mashed potatoes. In this period, I lived in Torremolinos too. The food wasn’t enough, because I ate so much.  
As a toddler I was too smart, when I was walking in the street, I known and said all car brands, only looking the cars. 


In this photo, I was at nursery school and Santa gave me a present, and I didn’t like it so much… 


In this photo I was buried in the sand until my chest, It was too hot. 


 When I was a child, I was intelligent, polite and calm, I was weak, and I had brown eyes and hair and I started to like videogames and comics. I would play videogames and I would to play with my legos. When I was a child, I moved to Cartama, before I lived in Torremolinos. In weekend, my dad, mom and I were to Cadiz to see my family. 
When I was 5, I joined to Karate classes. When I was 7 years old, I went to a tournament and I got the first place and a trophy. 


In this photo I was riding a motorcycle with my dad.


When I was 6 years old, I was playing football in the front of a car. I kick the ball too strong and I fell down and I hit with the tire of the car in my head. I bleed enough to scare myself and my family, but I still alive as you can see.